JSC "Kuznetsov" is the largest enterprise of aviation and space propulsion engineering.

About company


JSC "KUZNETSOV" is a leading Russian company of production and repair of aircraft gas turbine engines, liquid-propellant rocket motors for space launch R-7, drive gas compressor units and modular stations. The company builds its own strategy in accordance with the general thrust of the work of JSC MC "United Engine Corporation" by contributing to the development of the industry due to the introduction of innovative products in the fields of engineering, reliability, quality and efficiency of Russian engines.

The strategic goal is the development of the company capable of competing with the world leaders in high-tech industries and high technology.


The mission of the company:

  • Reconstruction and support the country's modern engineering in the development of gas turbine equipment (aircraft, industrial motors and engines for the space industry) by solving the problems for the development and the organization of mass  engines production which will be competitive on today's world
  • Conversion of subsidized state company into an efficient business and modern scientific and engineering center.


Leadership in the industry
JSC "KUZNETSOV" works to be the industry leader in applied technology, growth of production, product quality, business efficiency.

A high professionalism of the staff at all levels is the guarantee of the company’s leadership. The company and the shareholders are interested in a professional and creative development of the staff.
JSC "KUZNETSOV" seeks to maximize the effective system of business management based on attracting highly skilled managers at all levels.

Social Responsibility
JSC "KUZNETSOV" pays special attention to social protection of its employees and also to realization of new production programs, the creation of high technology products, ensuring the financial sustainability of the company.