JSC "Kuznetsov" is the largest enterprise of aviation and space propulsion engineering.


Rocket engines

JSC "KUZNETSOV" is a leader among the Russian engine companies for the space industry. The company started its works on the engine’s space theme in 1957 immediately after the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite. Liquid rocket engines RD-107, RD-108 and their modifications designed by OKB "Energomash" (now JSC "Energomash") under the leadership of V.P. Glushko have been almost produced for more than fifty years. Since that time all of human spaceships (spacecraft) flights such as "Vostok", "Voskhod", "Soyuz", "Progress" and etc. have been placed in orbit by launch- rocket (RN) of the R-7A with the engines made by the "KUZNETSOV"(JSC).

At the present time the company also continues its work on the NK-33 engine. It previous NK-31, NK-39, NK-43 modifications were developed for the four stages of the RKK N-1-L-3. From the middle of nineties the various projects of RN were developed using NK-33: "Yamal", "Avrora", "Vozdushny start" and several others. At this moment the new rocket launches with this engine are prepared: the Russian "Soyuz-2-1b" and American "TaurusII".

Aircraft engines

"KUZNETSOV"(JSC) began its activity in 1912 from the production of aircraft seven cylinders stellar engines. Since then the engine aircraft has pass a long way of evolution, "hand in hand" with the development of domestic aviation.

In different years "KUZNETSOV"(JSC) was the head company for the production of piston engines with liquid cooling designed by A.A. Mikulin; during the Great Patriotic War it provided the Front by engines necessary for Russian Il-2 and Il-10 storm troopers. Later it launched a series of turbojet engines VK-1 designed by V.Y.Klimov for frontline aircraft. It also produced engines for civil aircraft.

Now "KUZNETSOV"(JSC) provides repair and maintenance of engines for the Russian strategic aviation. It performs different works for the resumption of mass-production of a unique engine NK-32 for the Tu-160 strategic bomber.

Industrial engines

JSC "KUZNETSOV" has been designed and mass produced the gas turbine engines for aircraft-type gas industry and mass production since the early seventies. The first domestic GTD NK-12ST capacity of 6.3 MW was designed in 1974 on the basis of TVD NK-12MV turboprop. Currently these engines are operated at 117 compressor stations in the 852 gas pumping units GPA-TS-6, 3. In 1982 the ground engine NK-16ST of 16MW capacity was designed on the basis of engine NK-8-2U (operated by Tu-154 and Il-62).